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 Suez Canal
Ras el-Bar
Ras el-Bar is a very beautiful and serene summer resort. It is bordered on the east by the Damietta branch of the Nile, and by the Mediterranean on the north and west. It is like a stretching arm that separates the river water of the Nile from the briny Mediterranean Sea. It lies 193 km., from Cairo, and only 5 km. from Damietta, and is characterised by its straw huts.

Gamasah Beach is 193 km. from Cairo and 61 km. from Mansoura. It is one of Egypt's newest, calmest and most beautiful beaches. The beach, which stretches for some 25 km. along the Mediterranean, is characterized by a temperate climate and a high ratio of iodine content.

Baltim is 212 km. from Cairo. It is a very calm beach and is distinguished by elegant huts and bungalows made of reeds. One could rent a hut or stay at Baltim Beach Hotel.

Port Said
Port Said was built in 1860 on the Mediterranean as the northern Suez Canal. This city increased in repute when it was declared a free zone. It is 220 km. from Cairo, 80 km. from Ismailia and 160 km. from Suez. It is characterized by beautiful, calm and soft sandy beaches and rock-free waters. Geographically, it links Africa with Asia, through Port Fouad, a suburb on the east bank of the Suez Canal.
One can visit al-Jameel (the beautiful) 12 km. west of Port Said, for fishing, or take a port cruise to see the ship convoys passing through the Suez Canal.

Tourist Sites
Port Said Museum - Port Said Military Museum - The de Lesseps -Landspur - The Mosque of Abdul Rahman - The Cathedral - Nice Island Cruise .

The "City of Gardens" lies midway between Port Said and Suez, on the western shores of Lake Timsah at a distance of 120 km. from Cairo.
Ismailia is known for its beautiful natural scenery and abundant orchards. Many beaches are located along Lake Timsah, one of the largest lakes in Egypt, where sailing and rowing are popular sports.

Egypt's second largest port city lies at the northern tip of the Gulf of Suez, about 134 km. from Cairo. It is noted for its dry climate and the numerous beaches along its seafront with Port Tewfik.

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