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  Red Sea
The beaches of the Red Sea are an exquisite gift of nature. The sea, with its clear blue waters, offers colorful corals and rare marine life. The long chain of mountains, with their different colors, run parallel to the coast line, separated from the sea only by a plain,most of which is suitable for camping.All these elements blend into a rare painting of magnificent winter and summer climate and enchanting natural beauty that charms the visitor into believing he is on a legendary tour of a paradiseon earth. The Red Sea - 1930 km. long and 270,000 km. squared- is bordered by Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen and Dijbouti. Mount Sinai, 2285 km., is the highest peak.Its climate is equatorial with temperatures ranging between 35C and 41C. water temperatures range between 18C and 21C in winter, an 21C and 26.5C in the summer. Underwater visibility is more than 30 meters and diving is possible up to 45 meters. The average diving depth, however, ranges between 12 and 25 meters.

Tourist Sites:
Ayn Sukhna "Hot Spring" - Hurghada - Magawish Village - Giftoun Village
Princessa Village - El Samaka Village - Yasmine Village - Hur Palace Village
Shedwan Village - Safaga - Al-Qusayr - Mersa Alam - Bernice
Red Sea Islands

There are 24 islands in the Red Sea, all of which are rich with fauna and flora. The most important are:
Emerald Island opposite to the coast of Bernice.
Greater and Lesser Giftoun Island near the coast of Hurghada.
Abu Minqar Island opposite the Hurghada Sheraton Hotel.
Shedwan Island, on which stands a lighthouse, about 35 km. from the coast of Hurghada.

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