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Situated between Dahab and Taba, Nuweiba is known for its exquisite beaches and colorful mountains. Nuweiba, which means "bubbling springs" in Arabic, is a 7-km long town stretched along the Aqaba coast of the Sinai Red Sea. Few years ago Nuweiba was known as a barren isolated place with no infrastructure, nowadays, it developed into an attractive tourist destination and is expected to gain further recognition in the near future.

Renowned as the "Pearl of the Gulf of Aqaba", Nuweiba is a beloved destination for many travelers as it is the center for the tourist places: the "Dunes" in the south, a conglomerate of many camps and small scale hotels on the beautiful sandy beaches with breathtaking coral reefs just in front of them.

The mountains surrounding Nuweiba are ideal for hiking, trekking and exploration. The colors found in their depths range from hues of golden yellows to deep purples and are nothing less than magnificent. Diving is also fascinating in Nuweiba where you can explore underwater paradise.

A visit to the Color Canyon is a must, less than an hour from Nuweiba it is, undoubtedly, one of the geological marvels of the Sinai. The multi-colored sandstone walls are one meter apart and reach 40 meters high, creating a path that envelops you in color--simply unforgettable.

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