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Dahab is one of the most attractive resorts in South Sinai. Characteristic for Dahab is a shore covered with fine golden sand that might have given Dahab its name: "Gold". It lies half way between Sharm el Sheikh in the South and Nuweiba in the north.

Dahab consists of two bays. El Qura Bay and Ghazala Bay. In the latter one the Bedouin villageEl Assalah is located. Within the years the area has developed into a tourist center with camps, motels, restaurants, and bazaars. The Muzeina Bedouins moved and gave place to globetrotters from all over the world to meet in a lively atmosphere exchanging experiences and travel stories in numerous restaurants and cheap accommodation. The spirit in El Assalah reminds of the late 60s. In the southern bay of El Qura is the town center, below on the golden beaches of the bay, the hotels are situated. Due to the strong wind, Dahab is an excellent place for water sports and a perfect location for windsurfing. Dahab is famous for its deceptive deep dive sites such as the Blue Hole, the Canyon and the Lighthouse.

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